The College of Medicine and Health Sciences has a research directorate for promoting the research and innovation in the college. Apart from the research methodology modules taught in class, the students at the college has opportunity to do the individual or group based research guided by their lecturers or reviewers from the journal of the college of medicine and health sciences.

Research Opportunities

The college funds the best research of students to enhance and promote the research capability among students. The call for submission of students’ research proposal is once per year and a committee of college select the best to be fully funded.


At the completion of the undergraduate program, a group of four students has to write and successfully present a dissertation’s topic related to their career. Each group of students is assigned a supervisor for reviewing their research. The defense sessions are organized by departments, the defense panel must have three members of panel (chairperson, vice chair and secretary) for assessing the defense’s presentation.


The Master Programs in the College of Medicine and Heath Sciences are a Two Year Program where a student must successfully pass all required Modules with 60% Marks. Students choose research topics and those topics has to be approved by the department before starting his/her research.

Once a student has passed all required modules he has to defend his/her Master Dissertation in front of the panel of three members including chairperson, vice chairperson and secretary of defense who must evaluate his presentation.


-CMHS Research and Innovation

-Policies, Procedures and Guidance Documents

-Undergraduate’s Research Policy

-Postgraduate’s Research Policy

Research & Innovation

The College of Medicine and Health Sciences avail opportunities to students to showcase their innovations during University Open Day and Careers Affairs once per Academic Year. The Research Directorate Coordinates research activities within the university and cultivates a research and innovation culture that has led to the growth of external research funding, publications and community outreach activities.

The college of Medicine and Health Sciences organize an annual and Open Day Exhibition event once per year where each department organize exhibition related to their careers. Exhibition event is open for both the academic and public people as well. The best Projects or Innovative ideas are Funded by SIDA Project.


-CMHS Research and Innovation



The College of Medicine and Health Sciences has a Journal for Publishing research of staff and students including their scientific, practical contribution and disseminate them to others. Students are encouraged to write the article and publish them in the journal of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences for the research related to health and medicine.

Students has opportunities to be assigned a review team for their article and publish them in the journal of the college free of charge.


-Rwanda Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences

-Journal’s Submission Guidelines



Seminars organized by the College of Medicine and Health Sciences are important part of many academic programs and provide an opportunity to discuss and analyze a range of new material, ideas and concepts together with the supervisor team. Seminar organized are either Topic based or Research based

Normally the school has to organize one seminar per month and are organized accordance the college’s schools as planned by the college. Once the seminar is organized, all university staff and students are invited to attend. Most of the times the weekly seminars held each Friday afternoon.


One research’s Seminar is mandatory for a Master student in the College of Medicine and Health Sciences. The specific purposes of seminars vary enormously across the College and from discipline to discipline. It is important that someone has to familiarize with guidance provided by his school.



The College of Medicine and Health Sciences regularly organize local and international workshops for their academic staff and students. Educational workshops are organized to establish a strong connection between researchers, staff, professionals and students.