Career Events

The college annually in May Hosts a career exhibition events under different themes, our last year 2020-2021 career fair event theme was termed as ‘UNITED for Health’ day where Departments, NGOs, health service provider, RBC, international Education Agencies and Embassies showcased their unique contributions to health care system.

 CMHS schools, student’s associations, student’s innovation projects and staff showcase their achievements in education, research, and innovation.

 Embassies and sponsoring institutions highlight funding mechanisms and

linkages with private and public organizations from their home countries.

 Private and public hospitals showcase clinical services and research, and

opportunities for internships.

 NGOs and private sector players showcase their different services and products;

and share on opportunities for internships and job openings.

 MOH/RBC and other decision makers exhibit on different leadership initiatives

they take to implement and coordinate the health care system in Rwanda and share on

opportunities for internships.

The research market allows different forms of collaboration; but also focus specifically on

establishing collaborations on internships with different player in educational sector,

There are also college conference events that are always organized such as Health Research conference events conducted as a multi-location hybrid event combining delivery, participation, and interaction for virtual and in-person audiences which comprises plenary and panel sessions, engaging different players in the digital health space to ensure maximum interaction and lessons sharing.