CMHS and ICRC held discussions aimed at a strategic partnership

The International Committee of the Red Crosspledged to support and facilitate the development of a sustainable and holistic academic offering in Physical Rehabilitation : prosthetics and orthotics, physio therapy, and occupational therapy at the College of Medicine and Health Sciences to ensure the flow of qualified and trained resources in the Physical Rehabilitation sector in Rwanda, and potentially across neighboring countries.
CMHS already has an academic offering for the various disciplines at various levels (diploma / bachelor’s / master’s),it currently offers a diploma in P&O but plans to upgrade it to a bachelor’s degree.
As a tertiary institution,it aims to strengthen and improve the overall academic offering across the three disciplines.ICRC and CMHS are working together in developing its bachelor’s degree program ; while in PhysioTherapy, it needs some technical support to develop a complimentary technical and clinical training.

The objective of the meeting was to :

Review the current Physical Rehabilitation academic programs (bachelor’s, diploma and CPD programs) on offer within the CMHS (the review to include curriculum course work, technical and clinical training, in addition to a review of the facilities and equipment).
Identify the priority areas which can be the mandate of the Education Facility to provide necessary technical assistance and support to develop and launch the required academic programs (bachelor’s, diploma and CPD programs).
Review and understand the unit economics across each of the three disciplines, to identify, among others : student costs, maintenance fees, costs of consumables, overall programs costs, to be able to develop a business plan for overall financing needs.
The Principal-CMHS Assoc. Professor Jeanne Kagwiza thanked the ICRC on behalf of UR for the continued support they have offered to CMHS in building its capacity especially in the areas of rehabilitation sciences.