The students study at the college of medicine and health sciences. They can obtain a job quickly after graduation due to insufficient health professionals in Rwanda. The work opportunities are available to all new graduates in the college of medicine and health sciences, and the chance of losing a job after graduation is almost zero.

Furthermore, within the campus, the university offers job opportunities on holidays or weekends to facilitate those vulnerable students who come from poor families to obtain financial support during their study period. In addition, different funds have been allocated to support those with special needs from the UR solidarity fund, including monthly stipends to promote the well-being of the poor students within the campus. For more information, clicks on the link below

The university promotes active citizenship and community service by encouraging students to donate their time, skills and talents to volunteer for local communities. The students and their supervisors are engaged in community services to offer health care to the local communities in both rural and urban areas. Those services include screening diseases, treatment of diseases on the field and health promotion to the community.

The university sometimes offers study opportunities to the best performer to pursue further education through collaboration with different funders and MoU offering scholarships.